Dynamic Performance EPM/K-Coils Wiring Conversion Kit

Dynamic Performance EPM/K-Coils Wiring Conversion Kit

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So you've made the investment into a COP setup, and you're still having ignition issues? Eliminate the problems before they start, introducing the DP EPM w/ K-Series Coils wiring conversion kit.

  • Separated Ignition Harness
  • Tefzel Wire, Shielded Cam & Crank Signal 
  • Diesel Resistant Shrink w/ Adhesive Lined Junctions
  • Terminated w/ Deutsch DTM Connectors
  • Plug & Play
  • B-Series Only
These are built with the highest quality components, ensuring a hassle-free ignition solution for seasons to come.

This is on the ESR Civic, La Carla, Alpha Paul's Civic and many of our SFWD/True Street cars. Works Flawless!!

Please check our bundled products on the drop down screen and save.  The last bundle comes with brand new OEM K-Coils.